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Drug Enforcement Museum

Arlington VA    Free

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Submitted By: Allison

The only place in the DC-area where government workers are happy to share their collection of drug paraphernalia with the public. Come visit the DEA museum, with thousands of drug and drug law enforcement related items. Don’t get your hopes up about the gift shop or the museum’s “interactive stations” though – it’all on the up and up.

Earth Treks Climbing Center

Arlington VA    $10-50

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Submitted By: Kirk

Test your grip strength and tolerance for heights in this newly-built indoor rock climbing gym.

Gravelly Point

Arlington VA    Free   

Want to chill while a ~300 ton plane flies directly over your head?  This is your place.  Bring a picnic, a football, or just a desire to chill.

  • What to Do: Relax and watch planes fly.
  • When: Anytime.