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Learn to Sail on the Potomac

Alexandria VA    $200-500

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Submitted By: Allison

Want to use those boat shoes for what they were actually made for? Learn to sail on the Potomac and impress your next date with Mariner Sailing School. Choose from private or group lessons and learn everything you need to get out in the fresh air and on the water.

Learn to Fly a Helicopter

Fort Meade MD    $200-500

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Submitted By: Allison

If you’re bored driving your tired old Corvette, or flying your same-old Cessna, give Monumental Helicopters a shot! No experience necessary. A reasonably-priced intro helicopter flight with Monumental Helicopters scores you 60 minutes ground school and 30 minutes in the air flying time.

Secluded Modern Retreat

Accokeek MD    $200-500

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Submitted By: Kirk

Escape DC, enjoy nature, but avoid driving hours away in this award-winning house.

  • What to Do: Escape.
  • When: Anytime.
  • Warnings: Some puzzles are silly or uninvolved – don’t expect master-class puzzles.